Brad Cooper, Founder


In 1997 I joined two friends—one a licensed contractor, the other a plumber—in founding MC² Homes, turning my lifelong passion for shop work and creating custom furniture into quality home carpentry.

Four years later, by then a licensed contractor myself, I took over the business with my wife Ellen, who's still involved with MC² Homes while building her own business as a mortgage broker. Our original contractor partner does all our drafting and floor plan designs to this day.

I have five full-time employees and steady team of great craftsmen. The "newcomer" has been with us five years now. Some I've worked with from the very beginning, coming up on 20 years. They do excellent work, and they're all people I know I can trust with your vision and investment.

PS: Our name? It's not from E=MC² or anything to do with Einstein's Theory of Relativity. It's just the initials of the original three founders: One M and two C's. I was one of the C's.