MC2 Homes


1.The first step in your journey begins with selecting a floor plan suited to your lifestyle. We then work with you to customize the home to your specifications.

2. After your home plans are to your specifications and liking, we then site your home on your lot. We will work with you to ensure that the placement of your new home takes into account topography, views and alignment to the sun. Together we will orient the home and envision the layout all the way down to which side of your home does the garage face.

3. Step 3 is often the most exciting part of your journey. This is when you will select colors, styles, appliances, flooring, doors and windows, and everything that will put your personal stamp on your new home.

4. After step 3, we will complete the pricing on your new home with your personal touches built in. Should you want changes at this point, they can readily be made.

5. As soon as your financing is secured, MC² will obtain all of the necessary permits, coordinate all utilities and begin the sitework in earnest!

6. When the permits are obtained and the underground utilities are complete, we will pour the concrete and start going vertical. We encourage you to visit your new home while under construction to join with us in the excitement of a new build! Many builders discourage these visits but we feel it is important for you to feel a part of the building process.

7. Your journey is almost complete at step 7 when we meet with you before starting the interior finishes and trim. This is the opportunity for all of us to review the work to date and all of the details to make sure that there are no miscues or errors and that all is as expected.

8. When next we meet it will be to present you with your keys. And now, your new home awaits!

Home designs Inspired by the history of the southwest. At MC² homes, each design has a meaning and a purpose. Each custom design can be personalized to your life.


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