Step 1:  Floor Plan

Our process begins with a consult meeting to choose your floor plan and discuss things you would like to see in the design.


Step 2:  Placement

Once under contract for your home site, we'll visit your lot together to decide how to orient your new home. Factors we'll talk about include the lay of the land, surrounding views, how you envision the path of your driveway, the angles of sunlight you want in your home through the day and more. 


Step 3:  Options

Next you'll pick out the finishing options you'd like: color schemes, countertops, fixtures and appliances, doors and windows – all the little details that will make your home reflect your personality, tastes and values.


Step 4:  Cost

At that point, we're able to fully price our your new home. If the cost is higher or lower than your budget, we can then revisit the plans, trimming back as needed or adding new or upgraded features as you see fit.


Step 5:  Groundwork

Once the financing for your new home is secured, we take on the task of securing all permits, coordinating utilities, etc. – the "red tape" that precedes laying the foundation and starting the actual build.


Step 6:  Build

We are proud of what we do and actively encourage our customers to visit their new home during construction.  Something many builders discourage.

If that isn’t something that you are comfortable with, rest assured, we will keep you up to date.


Step 7:  Finish

However much you visit during the build, we'll have another meeting before starting interior finishes and trim, just to double-check the details and ensure zero mistakes. And on that day when you turn the key to your new home for the first time, you'll truly know it from top to bottom, inside and out.